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Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Income Tax FreeLegal Services Cell (MPCGITFLSC)


Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Income Tax Free LegalServices Cell (MPCGITFLSC) is an effort to provide legal aidand assistance to the needy, marginalized and weakersections of the society. Income Tax Department is not onlyan Enforcement department of the Government but it isalso a Service Department, which helps tax payers indischarging their legal obligations. It is the Department,which people expect to be just and fair department todischarge justice. Approaching the Income TaxDepartment is itself a daunting task, in view of the today'scomplicated legal system and exorbitant legal fees.Therefore government is trying to simplify the procedureevery year.

Sometimes taxpayers feel left out and aggrieved, intheir effort to seek justice from the Department. In orderto remove this feeling of being deprived, on grounds oflack of funds, social or economical backwardness or anyother reason such as disability, old age factors, theconcept of providing legal aid through MPCGITFLSC isenvisioned to provide free legal aid to the eligibletaxpayers. It will not only help the aggrieved taxpayersbut also certainly reduce the litigation matters andenhance the image of the Income Tax Department byresolving the disputed issues and other grievances.

Free Legal service

It may be mentioned here that, theeligible taxpayer who has been granted legal aid byMadhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh Free Legal ServicesCommittee (MPCGITFLSC) need not to pay any fee to anyofficial of MPCGITFLSC or to the Advocate or AuthorizedRepresentative concerned, to whom his/her case ismarked, for filing Petition before any Income Tax Authority.

Eligibility Criterion for the Person willing to availFree Income Tax legal Services

The taxpayer who is found eligible by MPCGITFLSC shall beentitled to free legal services under Income Tax Act, If thattaxpayer is-

a. Having annual income of less than R. 5.00.000

b. Member of a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe

c. A woman or a child or a widow or a Senior Citizen (Inspecific cases)

d. A person of disability as defined in clause (i) of section 2of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities,Protection of Rights and Full participation) Act 1995 (1of 1996)

e. An industrial workman or salaried employee of anyorganization or retired salaried employee includingserving and retired personnel from armed forces

f. A tax exempt organization or Society or Trust

g. A religious or charitable organization

h. A loss making assessee or BIFR company

i. Any other person(s) considered by the executivecommittee on the ground of hardship.

Legal Services not be provided in certain cases

(a) Proceedings wholly or partly in respect of aperson charged with penal or prosecutionproceedings for willful tax evasion.

(b) Proceedings incidental to any of the aboveproceedings.

(c) Proceedings in respect of cases where the demandraised is more than Rs. 2,00,000/-.

Registration of The Panelists:CA/Advocates/ITP/Retired Income Tax Personnel

A.A separate form is made available to all volunteersjoining the panel to provide free legal service underMPCGITFLSC. All such volunteers are required to fillthe entire column correctly and submit to theexecutive company for its registration.

B. Before registration in the panel, the Executive Committee shall ensure that the track record of themembers who are willing to render free legal aid is above board and there is nothing adverse against such member.

C.The Executive Committee shall review the panelyearly/half yearly as deemed fit, on the basis ofusefulness/services rendered by such member of thepaneL

D. If any adverse thing is noted during the year againstany panel member, the Executive Committee shallhave power to remove such member from the panelwithout assigning any reason and the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and is notappealable before any court of law/ authority.

E. he feedback about the services rendered by themember of the panel should be taken from thetaxpayer who has been given the free legal aid.

F. The Executive Committee shall meet once in amonth/quarter or on such occasion as decided bythe Chairman of the Executive Committee. Theroutine matters can be decided by the executivecommittee by circulation.

Details Notes of MPCGITFLSC

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